About Us

Jan L Company innovated the Nail Dust Extraction System over three decades ago here in the United States and many unique Drill Systems more than two decades ago. During that time we have seen many manufacturers of these products come and go, leaving the purchasers with unserviceable and orphaned products. Unfortunately many of these products can no longer be serviced.

At Jan L Company, we pride ourselves on being the first to introduce and supply the very best products that make your job easier, and healthier. With growth, we now offer new products and services that provide many benefits to the end user across many diciplines .

Our Dust Vacuums provide for a cleaner work environment, protect lung function, eyes sinuses, and consolidate valuable materials in filter media for future refiining . These products are currently represented by the Model 100 A series that attaches to existing drills, Model 500 B HEPA Vac with .02 micron filtering, Hygienic High Volume Vacuum Drill with handiece /hose intergration , Micro Vacuum a customizable portable series, and BATVAC portable battery operated vacuum.

Our Drill/Filer Systems are designed with quality, a "good feel," durability, and appropriate features to get the job done. Our selections include, table top units, floor units, and portable battery systems. Drill speeds range from 13,000 to 50,000 rpm. We have a large selection to meet every need.

Our Bur collection is gigantic! Many customers mix and match them to meet specific needs. Our featured burs are the "Cut Safe Carbides". They last for years and hold up very well to corrosive environments. But, there is more to see here. This section offers a comprehensive grouping of everything that spins in a handpiece , grips items in place, sands, polishes, chisels, etc..  

Our "Other"  Equipment includes the Hill Podiatry Chair. And Jan L's new private labeled  SmartPRO Podiatry Chair, which is now the lowest priced full-featured podiatry chair in the profession. We also offer the Biarritz- Spa-Pedicure-Chair. A more complete set of couches, tables, and salon seating and lying products are available upon request. Be sure to view our line of office suite cabinetry, and our expanding line of hand instrumentation at prices to fit any budget. Finally, see all these products in action by visiting us at our new show room in downtown Mount Holly. See you HERE!