#BUR-H251EC (Ceramic Butter Cream) Flame Shape Non-Aggressive

Our Ceramic Butter Cream Matrix Bur shapes, are copies of our very popular carbide shapes. To help you remember just ask for the "Flame Bur" in ceramic, or "Flame Bur" in white.

Benefits our Proprietary Ceramic Butter Cream Matrix:

*Less heat- Ceramics hold much less heat than metals.
*Vibration free- Ceramics are lighter than metals.
*Easier to clean- Ceramics have less porous surfaces than metals.
*No bur head corrosion- Ceramics do not corrode in cold soaks or autoclave.

List price: $29.00

Note:This Device falls under Bur, Surgical, General & Plastic Surgery. The FDA deems this item a class I device. The FDA's Office of Device Evaluation has given class I devices a 50(K) exemption, Regulation number 878.4820.


Price: $29.95