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Jan L Inc. is proud to offer the Schubyn Power 3P and 4P Podiatry Chairs!

The SCHUBYN POWER 3P podiatry chair is a powerful, high quality podiatry chair which lifts (up to 500 lbs), flattens, tilts, and has a manual foot drop.   It features detachable arms, an adjustable headrest, plastic foot cover, your choice of either a 19" or 22" base height, a stainless steel debridement tray, and a 24" width.  The SCHUBYN POWER Podiatry Chairs are available in standard colors or a soft, luxurious, puncture proof medical grade upholstery . Options include an air stool, 26" width, halogen lamp, electrical receptacle, a hand control, and an adjustable curtain.  A one year warranty is provided.  The SCHUBYN POWER 4P model also comes with a power foot.

Affordable Pricing:

SCHUBYN POWER 3P   $4995 ($2622.50 after tax credit)

SCHUBYN POWER 4P   $5995 ($3122.50 after tax credit)

Wait time is 5 weeks.  Rush orders are available in 2-3 weeks on an emergency basis only.

Many colors to choose from.

Shipping is extra, and cost will depend on your address and delivery conditions at your location. Call us for a quote at 609.261.1133.

Price: $5,995.00