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The Max 4 is most popular with podiatrists, chiropodists, foot nurses, and some hobbyists. It is the only DC powered drill with speed control built into the  handpiece's rear. The front half of the handpiece, also called the nosecone, is removable and may oiled/cleaned by the user, or autoclaved. The power supply is usually placed on the floor and serves as the on/off foot switch. A variable foot control may be purchased for the Max 4 to turn on the drill system and vary its speed. The Max 4 is a 25 watt, 25,000 rpm drill system with "quick bur release",and handpiece storage clip.

As of 4/15/11 the Max 4 comes with a one year nosecone warranty, 3 year motor warranty, and one year ac/dc power supply warranty. Normal wear and tear does not apply.



Price: $420.00