The Whisper


Jan L's Newest Battery Drill Features:


A control box with...

*Lithium Ion Battery Technology- Very long lived. Most current battery technology.

*Digital Speed Display

*Variable Drill Speed Control

*Touch Pad- Forward/Reverse switch, and Hand/Foot control operation. Unit includes an on/off foot switch.

*Charger (Float Charger)- Safe to be plugged into the control box at all times. It also will power the system when the battery charge is low.

A brushless handpiece motor for...

*Extended Life- Brushless handpiece motors have 3x the life of brush handpiece motors.

*Smoother Feel- Brushless handpiece motors have a smoother feel, and hence a quieter operation.

The Whisper comes with a waist holster.

List Price: $399.00

Price: $369.95