Instruction Manual


This is the base unit only. The 100 AFT is mostly purchased for battery operated drills, but can also be used with plug-in drills. When using the battery  drill simply step on the 100  AFT foot switch to activate the vacuum. If the user plugs a drill into the 100 AFT's rear receptacle and leaves it in an on condition, the foot control that activates the vacuum will also activate the drill simultaneously.

Mostly used with 7.2 volt, and 10.2 volt battery Dremel Drills, Craftsman Drills, and others.

Replacement filters #ACC-100 come in a ten pack and normally last a year.  You can also mount the 100 AFT to a Mayo Stand item number #ACC-MAYOSTAND with a Pipe Mount Bracket #ACC-PB, (for Mayo Stand mounting) or the Wall Bracket item number #ACC-WB.

Please indicate your color choice of  almond, beige, blue, or gray in the comment section. Colors are approximate.


Price: $549.00