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* All in one Vaccum/Drill * FDA Listed Filter * HEPA Filter (99.999% Efficient at .02 Micron) *  Easily Maintained "In-House"


There is no other product like the 500 B 30. It is the  only available triple filtered "True HEPA" Dust Extractor that  has documented .02 micron filtration, and 99.999% efficiency at .02 micron.  True HEPA combines a HEPA particle size with an efficiency rating at that particle size.  It will not create over spray like spray systems do.  As such, there is not dust laden mist suspended in the work area left to breath over the work day. It is also excellent for collecting vapors and fumes with a Item# SOE-KIT.

The 500 B 30 comes with: 30,000 high torque handpiece with quick-bur-release and installed sheath, full set of 5 filters installed and an extra set of 10 primary filters, 6' hose, and on/off foot bulb, a Local/Remote switch that lets the user activate the vacuum by the top control panel or by foot control, and a mount clip for the handpiece.

As of 4/15/11, the Model 500 B comes with a two year vacuum motor warranty, one year handpiece motor warranty, and one year ac/dc power supply warranty. Hoses and cords are warranted for 90 days. Warranty does not cover abuse or disassembly not done by Jan L Inc.

The 500 B series has 3 levels of filtration. The first level is item number #ACC-100 (typically replaced monthly), the second level is #ACC-BF (replace as a pair, typically last from 6 months to 1 year), the third level is #ACC-VB (replaced as a pair, typically last from 6 months to 1 year). See the 500 B instruction book above for proper installation. Order the #ACC-5B5FIL to get the complete filter change set. Item number ACC-5B5FIL includes one 10 pack of ACC-100, a pair of ACC-BF, and one pair of ACC-VB.

An optional wheeled stand, or the Smartcart Mobile Cart is available for the 500 B. The item number are #ACC-SMARTCARD, AND #ACC-MAYOSTAND, respectively.

500 B Specifications:

Dimensions: 8.5" high x 9.5" wide x 13" long

Weight: 13 pounds

*The Model 500 B is supplied with a plastic sheath. The metal sheath pictured above is optional, and is a $200.00 upgrade.

Price: $1,850.00