User manual



The Micro Vacuum is designed to be portable, comes in two configurations, and is priced for today's realities.

Pictured here is the Micro Vacuum B, which is primarily configured for battery operated drills. The user would activate the vacuum with the switch on the handle, and then turn on the battery drill separately. As the side receptacle also turns on/off with the switch on the handle, a plug-in drill can utilize the side receptacle. In this situation, the drill if left in an on condition would turn on/off concurrently with the on/off vacuum switch on the Micro Vacuum handle.  This configuration allow the user to switch between drills that are both battery and plug-in.

The Dremel 7.2  volt battery drill is commonly used with the Micro Vacuum B. It can, however, be used with any battery drill.

The Micro Vacuum now comes exclusively with the sheath and sells for$475.00. Please indicate the drill you use in the comment secton when purchasing so we can send the correct sheath. Please call at 609.261.1133 if you need help identifying your handpiece/drill type.

Replacement filters #ACC-MICVACFIL comes in a 3 pack and they typically last 2 to 3 months each, depending on frequency of use.

The Micro Vacuum also features a shoulder carry strap, 24' cord, large filter bag, and hose. It weighs 5 lbs.

Colors will vary.

*The Micro Vacuum is supplied with a plastic sheath. The metal sheath pictured above is optional, and is a $200.00 upgrade.

Price: $475.00