Don't want to get stuck with foreign products that become unservicable, have poor vacuums, weak handpieces, and eject burs? Make the right choice the first time and not the second. Buy Jan L!

The SmartPro Vacuum File is Jan L's new innovative dust extractor, proudly ASSEMBLED IN NEW JERSEY!



*Utilizes a real handpiece with "medical type" twist chuck. Does not use an unreliable slip chuck that releases burs during use, or ejects them when handpiece is run in reverse. No special "slip-chuck" burs required.

*No toy drive motors.

*Handpiece cord and hose are integrated for a neater cleaner appearence.

*Hose and cord may be replaced by user, saving down time, and the expense of a back-up handiece.

*Low profile On/Off switch on the handpiece concurrently operates the filer/drill,  and the vacuum.

*Powerful adjustable 30,000 rpm drill provides a very satisfying level of torque and silky smooth feel.

*Large switches and knobs provide the operater with better hand control over the product's functions than flat small panel switches do. Controls can be operated by feel alone, unlike Touch Pads which require the user to look at the panel to touch/adjust a control.

*Powerful and adjustable vacuum motor, and larger vacuum opening at the bur collects what competitors cannot.

*User can choose to operate the handpiece in forward or reverse.

*Large digital speed display can be easily viewed from a distance.

*Included On/Off foot switch provides remote operaton.

*Easily transported due it is small size & light weight : 10.23" W x 5.63" H x 9.84" D,  10 pounds.

*Carry handle may also be used for wall mounting.

*Supplied removeable handpiece brackets my be positioned on right or left of the base unit. Handpiece cradle is also supplied.

*Three supplied legs may be installed when upright base positioning is desired.

*May be positioned on the counter top, or positioned on the floor with removeable/supplied legs.

*Well thought out, truely beautiful product, any professional would be proud to own.

*High value and affordably priced.

*Proudly produced by Americans with American ingenuity. Designed, assembled, and serviced by the techs who built it in Mount Holly NJ.


The SmartPRO Vacuum File sets a New Gold Standard for debridement machines!


Warranty: Vacuum Motor (4 years- Motor only, labor is additional), Handpiece Motor (1 year- motor only, labor is additional), Electronics/Electrical (one year, labor is additional), all else 90 days (parts only).

Return for repair at owners expense.

Price: $1,350.00