Welcome to Jan L Inc. !!   We have been providing quality dust vacuums, rotary power tool products and supplies for Podiatrists, Dental Labs, Jewelry Manufacturers, Nail Salons, and hobbiests for over 40 years. Our products include but are not limited to:

  • Drill/ Vac Combination Units
  • Dust Collectors/Nail Dust Extractors
  • Variable Speed Hand-Held Electric Rotary Drills
  • Battery Operated Electric Drills/Filers
  • Grinders, Burs, Brushes, Sanders and Buffs
  • Podiatry, Dental, Jewelry, Beauty, and Hobby Equipment          
  • Podiatry Chairs, and Salon Chairs, Couches, and Tables
  • New and Used, Chairs, X-Rays, X-Ray Developers, Auto-Claves and More
  • Carbide, Ruby and Diamond Burs and Bits, Sanding Items and Buffers, Mandrels...Virtually Any Rotary Item
  • Hand Instrumentation for Podiatry, Beauty, Hobby,  and Others

Remember, as you look outside Jan L at various competitors, that Jan L Company has a 4 decade plus record of product service and reliability, with time tested drills and vacuums, (most made right here in the U.S.A .), and independent documented filtering results on our filters. NO OTHER COMPANY IN OUR INDUSTRY CAN MAKE THIS STATEMENT!